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Players Code of Conduct


 The Goonellabah Football Club promotes youth participation in football with the goal of providing children opportunities to develop superior life skills, through team play, sportsmanship, competition and hard work. Our mission is to have children playing at the highest level their age, ability and enthusiasm permits. Fair play and respect for all participants are crucial to our mission. To achieve this we provide the following Code of Conduct for Goonellabah Football Club players. The Code represents our core values and goals.

By agreeing to the Code of Conduct the player also agrees to the consequences for any breech of the Code. These may include but are not limited to the following.

* Reprimand

* Suspension

* Revoking of the Players registration

Please ensure you have read and understand the Code of Conduct before registering.

  •  I will play in accordance with the spirit and laws of the game.
  • I will treat my team mates, coaches, officials, opponents and spectators with respect.
  • I will arrive at training and games on time. If I can not I will notify my coach.
  • I will control my temper and not retaliate even if I have been wronged.
  • Show respect for the referee, even though I may disagree with his/her decision.
  • I will refrain from violent, abusive or offensive behavior toward any player, official or spectator.
  • Be modest and generous when I win and gracious when I loose.
  • Always act in a sportsman like manner.
  • Be positive. Praise good play and encourage team members if they make errors.
  • Co-operate with your coach and team mates.
  • Play for the fun of playing, not just to please parents or coaches
  • Not use or possess alcohol or performance –enhancing drugs
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