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Coaches’ Code of Conduct

The coaches’ code of conduct comprises four sections, these being: Setting a good example; keeping players safe; ensuring all Goonallabah FC players and parents have a positive experience; relating to officials in an exemplary manner and encouraging players to do the same.  

Setting a good example

Coaches should set a powerful example. If a coach insists on fair play, concentrates on players’ enjoyment, their overall development and supports the referee, officials and parents, other clubs will notice. Above all players deserve a coach they can respect.

Coaches in contact with Goonallabah FC players, parents and officials should strive to set an example of the highest possible ethical and moral conduct.

Before games opposing coaches should meet and exchange greetings to set the proper tone for the game. After games coaches and players should congratulate each other in a sportsman like manner.

Coaches should ensure a players experience is one of enjoyment and improvement in skill. Players should never be yelled at or ridiculed for making mistakes or loosing games.

Coaches should give generous praise when earned by players

Coaches should avoid any contact that may be considered physical or verbally abusive.

Coaches should completely refrain from verbal dissent with the opposition’s bench

Coaches should honor all relationships with their colleagues and the players’ parents.   

Keep players safe
The safety of players under the coaches’ charge should be paramount at all times.

Coaches should be familiar with the fields and facilities where their teams practice and play.

Coaches should be mindful of the level of skill and fitness of their players and be familiar with the Laws of the game and be familiar with current principles of age-appropriate coaching.

Coaches should check players’ equipment and playing facilities regularly, to ensure safety standards are meet.     Coaches should follow the advice of physicians when determining when a player can return from injury. In the event of injury during a game, coaches should err on the side of caution when permitting a player to return to play.  

Creating a positive experience
Goonellabah FC coaches should strive to make the playing experience enjoyable for all players and parents involved. Remember football is a game and games are supposed to be fun. A football game should be a friendly and unifying experience.

Coaches should encourage all players to adhere to the highest level of sportsmanship at all times. During a game the coach is responsible for the sportsmanship of the players. If a player is disrespectful, irresponsible or overly aggressive, the coach should remove the player from the game until the player has calmed down.

Coaches should explain acceptable behavior and encourage parents to make positive comments about good play by either team. 

Relating to Officials
Coaches should demonstrate respect for the official and his/her decisions.

Coaches should help referees improve by letting them concentrate on the game, accepting their inevitable, occasional mistakes and offering constructive post game comments.

Before a game coaches should introduce themselves to the referee. During a game never address the referee except to request a substitution. After the game thank the referee and ask the players to do the same.

Any disagreement should be discussed calmly after the game. For major complaints, or if the referee appeared to be overly  unfair, biased, unfit or incompetent the coach should report their opinions to the appropriate person at Goonellabah FC.

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